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"Thoughts on World Peace"
by Dr. Dolores Seymour

Let's join our energies together now for peace and love for all people, all nations, everywhere.
Sit back, relax, and follow me for a journey into your highest self where you become an inner
directed person, guided by your own super conscious.  Command your body to remain perfectly
still and focus only on your breathing for now... breathing very slowly and deeply...inhaling very
slowly and deeply... exhaling just as slowly and just as deeply, as if you were in slow motion on a
screen. Picture or imagine yourself inhaling a thin stream of beautiful golden light and allow
this golden stream of light to flow freely and without any restriction whatsoever, throughout
your mind and body, into every single cell, like a spotlight illuminating every square inch of
your mind and your body, bringing with it love and peace into your heart for the entire world -
all nations, all religions, all people everywhere. Close your eyes and imagine the previous scene
for at least 5 minutes with as many details as possible.

Next, picture or imagine this light of peace and love descending on our planet and shining from
everyone's heart, clearing the earth of all the negative forces it has accumulated over the
centuries. Again, close your eyes and picture or imagine these negative forces as a dense, black
fog that's slowly being burned away by this shining light of peace and love... with warming rays
of enlightenment emanating from this enormous pool of light that replaces layers of darkness
and evil, penetrating the hearts, the minds of all people, everywhere. Think about fields of
joyous children, laughing and singing as they welcome peace and love. Imagine listening to the
songs of people everywhere, in all languages, as they too, welcome peace and love. Create an
image in your mind of people with conflicting racial and ethnic backgrounds, embracing one
another. And now, imagine or picture people meditating for peace on earth just as we're doing
now. It's unimportant what religion is being expressed - what's important is that everyone,
everywhere, is spiritually active and connected together in a bright  golden light encircling our
entire planet. Close your eyes and imagine this scene for at least 5 minutes with as many
details as possible.

At this point, many of you will sense a smooth transition from the old, materialistic world to
the new, spiritual one, beginning a whole new era of peace... the "big positive picture," where
human history is intended to go from here. Sense, feel the serenity, the harmony, the peace
that can be achieved as we learn to respect and tolerate other cultures and beliefs, loving thy
neighbor as thyself. Let us all direct this meditation, this energy, into the Universe as we close
our eyes and  pause for 5 minutes.  

And now, allow this energy to flow back into yourself to resolve personal issues in your own  
life. Breathe deeply and allow yourself to receive the healing positive energy, direction, or
anything else you may need from this stream of  loving golden light which emanates from each
and every one of us now. You now have a clear picture of world peace in your mind's eye, fully
confident by what you've seen and felt in your heart.  
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