Frequently Asked Questions
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Dr. Dolores Seymour, Ph.D., Founder/Executive Director
Frequently Asked Questions:    

“How long is the course?"  The course is entirely self-paced;  you may take as long or as little as you like, some people
finish in a few months, others may take a year, it's all up to you.

“Do I have to go to New York?"  No, you do everything from your own home. This is a distance-learning, home study

“ What  if I need help?"  As part of your course, you have free, lifetime, live telephone support. We give you a special
telephone number to call any time with any questions.

“Are there any other extras to buy, books etc.?"   None whatsoever, you'll have everything you need with no extras to
buy, ever.

“How quickly do I receive my materials?"  The complete online Course is sent via an email link the same day you

“Do I have to do the course work on a computer?"  No, the entire Course is printed out and you proceed on paper.
Please note that anyone without a computer in order  to receive the Course  should advise us and we will mail everything
to you.

" Are there any subsequent courses or programs to buy?"  None whatsoever. This Course is complete in itself. You
will never need another course or program as regards emotional health for permanent, successful results.

“Is the American Institute of Holistic Health & Wellness fully accredited?”  The Institute is fully accredited by the
American Alternative Medical Association – as well as the American Association of Drugless Practitioners

“Will the Institute help me with marketing and getting clients?”  We give you step-by-step instructions in establishing
an immediate one on one client base, without advertising or overhead.

“Will you teach me how to conduct workshops?”   We send you complete workshop guidelines and also proven
methods of getting people to attend, without advertising or overhead.
American Institute of Holistic Health & Wellness since 1982
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